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Web Clipper Version Issue

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I have just signed up to use Evernote Premium and clicked on the Evernote website to install the Web Clipper and got this message!

How can Evernote have a link on their site https://evernote.com/products/webclipper that is no longer supported??!

Is it the link that is wrong/faulty or that Web Clipper is no longer available.....?


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Safari 12 introduced some new wrinkles for extensions, and not all developers have caught up (whether Evernote as a commercial company should have is another issue :/).  It's no longer possible to install extensions distributed from developers; they must be installed from the app store - the extensions gallery will only be around until the end of the year.  They are also phasing out regular browser extensions in favor of "App Extensions," which are more limited in what they can do.

See here (under Safari Extensions):


and here: https://sixcolors.com/post/2018/09/give-new-life-to-old-extensions-in-safari-12/

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