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Saving emails in EN

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1 hour ago, required_username said:

Is it possible (can I) create subfolders in an email folder?  I have an email folder that works well.  I want a subfolder for individual entities.  When I try, I get an additional folder at the same level as emails.  I can create subfolders in every folder but email

Evernote has notebooks. You can organize notebooks in a stack.  You can not create sub-notebooks.

You could look at the tag feature.  Tags allow for an unlimited hierarchy (Mac/Windows)

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3 minutes ago, required_username said:

Stack and folder. Yeah, sorry I don't know the lingo.  I've found I can add a folder to a stack by using the web site.  Doesn't work using the app.

Stack and notebook

Which device/platform?  We'll give you specfic directions.

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