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Any way to schedule automatic backup?

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Hey, is there any way to schedule automatic backup of notes and notebooks? I am using Evernote in offline mode so I am only saving locally. 

I was looking at backupery but not sure if it is trusted or not.

So, is there any way to schedule automatic backup OR manual is the only way?

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On a Mac I use the scheduling feature to launch my backup scripts.
These are daily incremental and weekly full backups.
I also have Mac TimeMachine doing a raw database backup.

>>I was looking at backupery but not sure if it is trusted or not.

imho  The Backupery app can be trusted.  It's using the same Evernote export feature I use in my scripts.

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2 hours ago, CalS said:

You have the bits for this one?

This is "bit-teries included" in Windows: Task Scheduler is included with Windows. I use my PowerShell backup script (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53536-how-to-backing-up-evernote-using-powershell/)for backing up to .enex, and have automated this to run weekly in the past. I'd have to dig a bit to produce a set of instructions. You could also automate backing up the Evernote database file. Ditto producing the steps for that, for the moment...


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On Mac you can use Chronosync or Data Backup by ProsoftEng if time machine isn't sufficient. Also for Mac, to do cloud backups of the local database folder, you could use Arq, Backblaze, or something open source like Restic (cross platform).

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