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Business Card Scanning: Email followup behavior



This is now the second time I'm posting this because I can't tell if you posted the first. I rewrote the first one, the following is a draft, you get the picture

I have raised this issue in various ways previously but have never seen any movement on it. I haven't seen any change in behavior even though you completely rehauled the app.
I use the Business Card scanning feature of Evernote extensively; this is a very important premium feature, especially for doing business in Japan.
But no-one uses LinkedIn in Japan.
So the email introduction it sends out is very important.
You don't allow any editing of this introduction.
Introductions in Japan are very important.
Even worse, you use it as an opportunity to market your product, even for Premium users.
Finally, you can't define a "send-from" setting so that while my Evernote account may use my personal email, I should be able to optionally have it send from my corporate address. I shouldn't have to change my entire Evernote login (REGISTERED EMAIL) each time, and back and forth. But that is what the current behavior forces me to do. Because the email address this very important introduction is coming from is also very important.
I'm happy to wireframe the IA around this functionality for free as this behavior is severely limiting your business in APAC if not the rest of the world right now. None of this seems like behavior that is difficult to implement, at all. Full disclosure; I have a software development background.

Happy to discuss by Phone, chat, email any time.





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