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How to renew Evernote Premium paid with Google Play?

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I purchased Evernote Premium (Android) by paying it with Google Play. By accident I deleted this subscription and now it ends and needs to be renewed.
Unfortunately I cannot find at my Android tablet and phone anything how to renew it. At Google Play -> subscription it is already deleted, so I cannot renew it there.

Since Evernote Web does not support Android browsers at all (really a joke!!!), I cannot access there my online account of Evernote.

Today I got an email:



Your Evernote Premium subscription has not been renewed on Google Play.
Update your payment information to continue to enjoy the benefits of Premium.
If we can not process your renewal until October 12, 2012, we will demote your subscription to a Basic account until payment has been made.

but there is no setting anywhere, where to do this. Can anyone help me please how to renew it?
I already bought Google Play credits for this renewal :-/


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Hi.  Try logging in to your account at Evernote.com and go to the subscriptions page.  - https://www.evernote.com/subscriptions/manage

Not sure if your Google Play settings will be accessible from there.  It's easier to pay Evernote direct - if third party agencies are receiving the payment you're subject to any connection delays in getting the payment registered by Evernote.

If that doesn't help see -


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23 hours ago, BEHA said:

So I cannot access this link,

Sorry: should have specified that you need to do so on any internet-linked desktop computer.  I'll flag this post for an Admin to see if Evernote can help..

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Sorry: should have specified that you need to do so on any internet-linked desktop computer.  I'll flag this post for an Admin to see if Evernote can help..

okay, but on any internet linked desktop computer you cannot pay via Google Play; for this you need to be on an Android device. I contacted the support, but only get the message to push the upgrade button, that I do not have in  my Evernote settings in my German Evernote on Android.

Here even Premium is noted, although that expired on 27.9.2018. I logged out and logged back in, updated the app and synced it, just the same: http://imgbox.com/X33SSTsP


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This won’t help Android users directly, but using the renewal in iTunes works perfectly. Mine is set to auto-renewal, using my iTunes balance to make the payment. Maybe open an iTunes account could help ? This is possible without owning an Apple device. The only thing I don’t know is whether a EN Premium account can be payed for without having the app installed on an I-device.

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My question in this post was just that I accidentally deleted the Android subscription.

Meanwhile I can say that it works perfectly if you buy Evernote via Android -> Google Play credit and also renew it.

You just have to make sure that you top up your Google Play credit shortly before the end of the annual subscription.

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