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(Archived) Kindle reading

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I'm thinking of getting one of the new Kindles (coming out in UK shortly) and was wondering if there was any way of reading Evernote content on the Kindle. I usually clip web articles or online stories to EN to read later but never get around to doing so. It'd be a lot easier if I could access this content with a Kindle at night in bed: is it possible (either via wifi or, preferably, offline)? If not directly, has anyone come up with a workflow that pulls stuff from EN to Kindle for later reading?

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The easiest way if you are online would be using the Kindle's built in web browser and the Evernote mobile site.

For offline reading of Evernote (or any web article), I use Instapaper. You can email your notes to it, it'll compile them into a Kindle compatible document broken up into articles. You can then download the Kindle compatible export from Instapaper either to your PC to transfer over or directly via the Kindle's web browser.

I tried using kindlefeeder.com to automatically feed a notebook into my kindle using a shared notebook, but the RSS feed only has snippets, not full notes so that's a bust for longer notes. . .

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