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(Archived) Crazy password protection!?



Hi yall,

I love Evernote, and have been using it with the iPhone, online and Mac version for about over a year now.

What I recently found amazes me since I found that actually anyone can come to my Mac and start Evernote and freely browse my notes saved inside Evernote, which is not cool at all. So the login window for username and password is comes active, but still in the background anyone can do even searches by keyboard and find notes.

I have REALLY hard time understanding this. "Remember my Password" is NOT ticked.

Any explanation? I don't feel safe anymore with Evernote.

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Last I knew, all desktop platforms that Evernote supports come with password protection built right in. If you don't want people mucking with your Evernote notes or (or your other personal stuff for that matter), then lock your machine when you're away from it.

The iPhone/iPad password discussion is another matter. Evidently, without Apple's knowledge or understanding, iPhones and iPads are made to be shared willy-nilly with all and sundry, or to use as baby-sitting devices, and so Apple forgot to put device-level password protection (or a guest mode) in place.

As BurgersNFries notes, there's plenty of discussion on both of these topics.


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