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importing from OneNote


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I read an article on importing to Evernote from other applications.  It says to download the notebook in or into a zip file.  OneNote has an exporting function but no zip capabilities. It is possible to email pages not entire notebooks.  What is the quickest and easiest way to import into Evernote from OneNote?

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As far as I know, there is (and has always been) only one method and I believe it's Windows only:

The Evernote Windows client offers OneNote as origin in the File-Import menu. It works quite ok with a few "but"s:

You have to know that in general there are two ways to properly access OneNote notebooks from the outside:

The newer one is a connection via REST API which allows external programs to access OneNote notebooks that are stored in the cloud (OneDrive or OneDrive for Business) directly, no matter if there is a locally installed OneNote client on your machine. The OneNote Web Clipper browser extension is an example application that uses this API. Evernote doesn't

The older is a COM API interface to the Windows desktop client of OneNote (e.g. OneNote 2010, 2013 or 2016). It needs one of these OneNote versions to be installed on your computer (NOT the newer but weaker Windows 10 UWP app) as it communicates directly with that program. In addition the notebooks you want to access / import have to be opened in OneNote. When those requirements are met, you can simply use the File-Import-OneNote function of the Windows Evernote client. 

In both cases there is not an option to export files from OneNote and import them to Evernote. The importer has to "talk" to the OneNote client instead and ask to pass the content over.


Note: You may get most of the content of the notes, but not always in a format you would expect. The OneNote editor is very much different. Just as an example: In OneNote you can place content like text or pictures anywhere on a page in rectangular containers (similar to a graphics program). So if two objects are side-by-side or overlapping each other this is perfectly fine in OneNote but not in Evernote. During the import those content is often converted to bitmap images of the original content (even if its text in OneNote). There are other specialities and restrictions as well, mostly because of the very different editors and content formats of both programs.


(I have been a OneNote MVP from 2014 and published several .. mostly German .. books about OneNote, so I think I know a bit about OneNote, but I am not *that* fit in Evernote). 

Excuse my English, not my native language.

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