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Not Able to Print to Evernote

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I often use the print function on my iMac to print pdf's to Evernote.  As you know, in the print box that comes up to show your document when you select print from the menu, there's a pull that says "pdf".  I added "Save .pdf to Evernote" a number of years ago.  I print the document right into Evernote with no difficulty.  That is, until today.  Today I have attempt to print documents from various sources into Evernote with no success.  Nothing happens.  I can print to the printer itself, and then scan into Evernote...but that's a tedious process.  Not sure what to do, where to look.  I shut the Mac down and restarted.  That didn't change anything.  Done some searching for the problem but nothing is pulling up.  Any thoughts?  I've been using this technique for a number of years, maybe since I started with Evernote which has been some time ago.  No problems until now.  Looking for ideas or suggestions.

FWIW, I'm using High Sierra 10.13.6 on an iMac from late 2013.  Evernote version 7.5.

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Thanks for your post DT.  Before I tried the method, I decided to delete EN.  I then downloaded EN again.  When I went to the print box it did not have Evernote in it.  So I added Evernote back in.  Tried it out, bingo, it worked.  Hopefully that took care of it.  Thanks again.

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