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Why can't I add tags to content saved with Chrome extension?

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Mac OS X Mojave, latest stable version of Chrome, Evernote 7.5.1. I am not the owner of the notebooks. I am trying to add tags that have already been used in the notebook, but I can't even bring up the tag interface. It says "tags not supported". 

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Hmmn. Agree that's not expected; have you tried uninstalling and re-downloading / installing the Chrome extension?  If that didn't work I'd suggest you raise a support ticket.  I've moved on to a mini-Chrome browser (Vivaldi) and tags seem to be working OK for me...

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I just reinstalled the extension and it still says tags not supported. I'll submit a support ticket. This only happens with shared notebooks so I'm pretty sure it's a bug or limitation and not an issue with my setup. Happens on all 3 of my computers. 

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