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Excluding Evernote from Spotlight searches on Mac

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Hi, I want to exclude Evernote notes from Spotlight searches on my iMac.

I have Spotlight set to search Documents but I only want to see results for Word and Text files etc, not Evernote.

I think I need to find the Metadata folder and add it to the list of excluded folders in Spotlight settings, according to this link below, but the thread was from 2011 and that pathway mentioned by Enberg does not exist anymore, at least on my Mac. Any idea where the Metada folder is nowadays? Or other methods to achieve the same effect?


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At least for the direct download (non-app store) version, it's ~/Library/CoreData/com.Evernote.evernote/

Inside that directory you'll see another folder named with some UUID, and in there /ENNote/_records/ which contains all the .enspot files.

If you exclude that, it should stop indexing. 

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