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News about Evernote - Death Spiral?

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There is a lot of news out there about Evernote being in a "death spiral" after many executives have left due to lack of growth apparently. I use Evernote for my small law office to run my business paperless. I'm concerned about losing this system I've had in place for 5 years now.   Anyone know if there is real reason to be concerned? What happens if the company does go under? 

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4 hours ago, AronsLaw said:

Anyone know if there is real reason to be concerned?

There's a lot of FUD being posted, and no one knows the real story or the future
Meanwhile, business carries on as usual.  Our data continues to be processed.

>>What happens if the company does go under? 
What happens if the internet goes down?
What happens if ....

Regardless of any "news", you should always have a Plan B.
If Evernote goes dark for whatever reason, I will have continued access to my data.
I've addressed this by implementing data backups which include a weekly full export in HTML format and daily incremental exports

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

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9 minutes ago, Rblover69 said:

The issue is concerning considering a MAJOR update of any significance hasn’t been done or mentioned. It’s getting increasingly concerning.

There's an issue??

I'm more concerned with maintaining the existing service level.  

We're waiting for softwear updates required by OS upgrades, and fixes for softwear bugs.

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