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Iphone App Storage/Memory Issues

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48 minutes ago, trouwborst said:


Is there a way to have the  EN IPhone App use less storage space on an IPhone 6s?  

I can't find anything in settings.  

If I delete it and restore it, would that help?

I use EN Plus.  

Thank you!



If you delete it and reinstall, it would clean some data up as I am sure it caches to enhance performance, but I'm not sure how much. Depends on your situation. And as @DTLow says, if you set any folders to be offline, those will take up room and you cannot clear that short of disabling offline access for that folder.

If you are looking to clean up space though on your phone, check out this article. Unless you have files marked for offline use, Evernote shouldn't be using much compared to other space hogs like photos, Safari/Browser caches, music, etc.

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8 minutes ago, trouwborst said:

Is 1/2 or 1 GB usage normal?  My phone is only 8 GB so...  And my fear is that is seems to be increasing.  

That seems high.

Is your data fully sync'd?

There is a delete cache button in User > Support

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15 minutes ago, trouwborst said:

My app lists a current time saying "last synchronized" so yes, it seems to be sync'd.  

I used the "clear chache" button but that did not seem to change anything.  

So, go ahead with the delete and reinstall.

btw  Where did you get your usage number from?

Here's my iPad storage with offline notebooks



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Checked mine out of curiosity. It's ~ 150MB.  I know I've seen it at least a few hundred MB higher, with less total notes, so suspecting it caches and cleans up from time to time. I haven't been accessing Evernote from iPhone lately so potentially in very cleaned up state.  For reference, Windows client database is about 2GB. The small footprint in iPhone was one of the big drivers in abandoning OneNote for me.

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