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Transferring Notes on Old Device to New Device

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I had “lost” my older device (we knew who had it), listed it as lost/stolen on the multicarrier d/b, transferred carrier service on old device to new device, & did an iCloud “restoration” onto the new device at Apple: conundrum is only a handful of my notes showed up on my new device.

Subsequently, someone found my “lost” device. All of my notes were still visible on it. 

But!... there was an even older, ancient device from 2 line transfers ago listed under my devices, which I’ve subsequently deleted.

QuestionWhy doesn’t Evernote recognize a carrier line transfer to a new device?

Had uninstalled & reinstalled Evernote on the new device, per another posting’s advice: still no go.

So...Apple store visit: with only 1 device now showing, their support person was able to sync the notes from old device to new device by hooking the old device to Apple’s Wi-Fi.

Next Question: Evernote now ID’s both devices with the same name. I.e., device history shows 2 devices with different names, old and new, but both devices each self-identify as the same new name in the devices list EVEN WITH DIFFERENT IP ADDRESSES SHOWING. I am planning to put an additional emergency line on the old device, so this is not an academic question. How do I fix this?

Have only Basic plan, so no calling Evernote. Online, they’ve given generic answers to my posted questions. Need advice! Thanks!

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Evernote is a cloud service.  The master version of your notes is stored on the servers.

By using the correct userid/password, notes can be accessed using any device
We don't "transfer" notes from old to new devices.

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