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Interface to Google Photos

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Having moved all my iphone photos to Google photos I cannot see how I can import one (or more) into an Evernote note. I've been trying to use one of their templates; the Travel one and thought it would be cool to add some 'inspiring photos'. Any help gratefully received.

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As of summer Google Photos are no longer available in Drive.  So the question remains how to get an image from Google Photos to Evernote?  The work around that works on a laptop is download from Google then attach to evernote.  I don't think that is feasible on a phone, not very good for a Chromebook (my device of choice).



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6 hours ago, mcarrara said:

I don't think that is feasible on a phone

On a phone press on the three dots and press Open In.  Then select Evernote.  If Evernote isn't visible add it using the more option.  This will add the photo, or any file for that matter, as a note.

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