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'Drawing' or adding to a scanned page

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Hi folks,

I've recently got a Rocketbook. I guess these things are fairly known but just in case... they're a notebook with which, after you have written a page of notes, you can scan with your phone and the image is automatically sent to an email address, Evernote or various other things.

So I scan a page of notes and it goes to Evernote.

Trouble is is when I want to adjust these notes, say I just need to add a footnote or update. They may have been deleted from the actual notebook so I can't re-scan.

I'm looking for a way to open a note, update it (just add extra writing in some way on the scanned handwritten note) and save it back as it was.

I'm hoping to do this on my Galaxy Note 8 phone using the S-Pen, but I'll settle for having to do it on a PC with Photoshop or even in Evernote itself.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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