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(Archived) OK, what's the deal with wine labels?

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In nearly every list of possible uses for Evernote, I see the ubiquitous "you can take a photo of a wine label", whether the list be long or short, there is this "killer feature". I have even seen it touted as a cool feature of one of Evernote's competitors!

Now, I have nothing against good wine, but this seems like such a "niche" use, such a minor benefit that can't really be on anyone's true "compelling reasons I use Evernote". It just seems odd that it keeps coming up! Is it just inertia? Someone had this idea early on and it just keeps iterating with every new "list"? Is it just some "cool" factor?!


[please note intentional hyperbole and outrage] :0)

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I think we were just looking for an example of something (with text on it for recognition/search) you might want to remember when you're out with a cameraphone. I.e. something that you couldn't just throw into your pocket for scanning at home later (i.e. not a receipt or a business card).

We could have gone with a sign/billboard. But last night's wine bottles are definitely something that you may forget the next day ...

(Evernote recommends that you drink responsibly, etc...)

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I agree with Vance. Photos of wine bottles are a such a "niche" use. It must be is a San Francisco thing. It is so 2005.

I have a much better use of Evernote. I take photos of beer bottles. Just added Sam Adam's Summer Ale. The grains of paradise in the brew make it memorable. And in the fall, I plan on expanding my Evernote photo collection to include colas. I hear there are some very nice caffeine-free locally-made colas. :)

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Well, I use it to remember that Motrin = Advil = ibuprofen = anti inflammatory and Tylenol = acetaminophen = headache relief b/c I buy generics.

So if any of you wine & beer label scanners ever need a bit of relief the next day, hit me up.

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... I take photos of beer bottles. Just added Sam Adam's Summer Ale...

You had me until there. Even three years in Cambridge (MA) couldn't convert me to Sam Adams. Take a picture of an Anchor Steam, maybe.

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