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No capitals and Umlatus in search queries for over a month!

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This has been an issue for at least a month now! I have filed a bug report. They said they are working on it. However the newest update did not fix it. Seriously!? I am paying as a premium user and am getting Alpha stage software! I am getting irritated. 

Search queries show no Umlauts and no capitals anymore.  Guess how silly some search queries read:

Just imagine I would have a note that reads: "Die Geräteüberhitzung überwältigte den Schädlingsbekämpfer"

It will turn to this: "Die gerateuberhitzung uberwaltigte den schadlingsbekampfer"

Like: "WTF?!" For what do I even have a serach function?!

Since my main language is German this is kind of a pain to read and needles to say: makes Evernote look like Alpha software.

Also: Tags and Umlauts is a real pain.
Say I have a tag that is named "Börse" and I want to create a tag that is named "Boss" in the note I am creating. I type in "Bo..." and as soon as I hit the "o" the text will turn to "Bö..." making it impossible for me to put in the tag.

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Can anyone also confirm this? I can figure that everyone is affected by this. Even those who do not use much upper case letters in their language (ie English), everything being lower case must be an issue for you as well?

Any fixes? Any complaints other than me? 

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