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Shared with me showing notes no longer shared



Someone shared some notes and notebooks with me, and I was able to access them via the "Shared with me" menu option on the latest web browser.

The notebook owner has now taken way the share, but I am still seeing the shares listed under "Shared with Me". When I click on them, I see a red warning label "You no longer have access to this notebook" or "You no longer have access to this note".

I have tried logging in and out, and refreshing the browser, but the old shares still show.  Not a security issue, but I would like to see them disappear.


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I have the same issue. 

I have a notebook in my list named "Eliezer" (I'm now not even know how I got this.) 

It is really annoying if i even HOVERING my mouse on its Action menu,
this popup error message: "You no longer have access to this notebook" 

I'm trying to delete the Notebook, but I can not!

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@MortimerCat, the Shared With Me view is intended to show all notes and notebooks that were ever shared with you, regardless of the current status of the share. It's meant to be a history of your shares. This is similar behavior to Work Chat, which is where users previously had to go to access shares to them.

It's possible that we could implement a feature in the future to toggle showing shares that are no longer inaccessible. But for now, this is not an option, unfortunately.

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Any chance this could be revisted by the Evernote team? I have notebooks that are shared with me from my ex-lover 😅 I wish me and my new girlfriend didn't see my ex's name every time I go into the "Shared with me" section. It also brings up bad memories. I guess I could open a new account and transfer my 1500+ notebooks over to a new account but if there was a feature to remove the "Shared with me" notebooks that would be much easier.

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