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Let me come back where I were!

Guest efilaslak


Guest efilaslak

I’ve been using Evernote for more 10 years, for both studies, work, writing bestselling books and stupid ideas. I’ve been promoting the app to others even in periods where it has been hopelessly non-user-friendly designed, since it always finds a way back to common sense. Therefore, even if my request is small, I really hope it reaches the programmers and decisionmakers, because I think it’s easy to fix and important to solve:

When I come back to the app, I’m for ed to go back to the main menu. Let me instead be able to come back where I left.

My use is very much based on using Evernote for everytging at work and taking notes on my main project in my everyday life. And when I use Evernote on my phone, the «taking-notes-in-evernote-in-my-notes-document» os the main deal. Writing texts and notes from meetings is done on a laptop. But on my phone I want to take notes for my new book (or other main project of the week/monthe) in 90 % of the cases. And it’s REALLY annoying to first see the note, then wait, then be sendt back to the main menu, and then have to search for the ONLY document you are taking notes in on your phone. Please let us come back to the document we are actually using on our phone, or let us choose that in settings.

It’s not THAT radical, is it? That people actually use the mobile app often during the day, but use it for THE SAME project? Please, please fix this very small thing. I’ve naver complained before, but will continue to complain about this (or start using the Notes-app on my phone instead. Apple gets it.



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4 minutes ago, Guest efilaslak said:

When I come back to the app, I’m forced to go back to the main menu. Let me instead be able to come back where I left.

I rarely exit the app so I guess I'm always at the same working point.

Also, my default note sequence is update sequence.  My current notes are always at the top of the list.

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