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Pause Sync while keyboard typing



I request new evernote option to pause sync while keyboard typing. This feature will useful for low-performance device (like Celeron cheap computer) or language which needs text conversion (like Japanese need kana-kanji conversion)


An option, pause sync while typing. If this option enabled, evernote pause running sync while user is typing keyboard. 


(1) When using evernote on cheap machine, CPU performance is enough to edit simple evernote note, however, it often freezes while rush disk-I/O happen like sync evernote etc.  Aiming to avoid 'freeze' issue by suspend sync-task in backgroud while user is typing keyboard.

(2) Often Japanese text input is interfered by 'sync' task update. While sync is happen during typing Japanese text conversion, the entering string often inserted unwanted place. Often typing text may inserted to begging of line, instead cursor position. I hope it must always inserted typing text to cursor position!!! however actually current evernote doesn't. I hope pausing sync during typing decrease this issue. It's important to Japanese people. (Actually I do disable all auto-sync while type long text on evernote with cheap machine, but hope switching sync on/off automatic)

why not?

I think this function should be 'an option', because above troubles is for low performance machines. High bandwidth machines, like core-i7 doesn't have such problems - work fine editing and syncing concurrent in high performance device. 


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