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Here is chitosen's question rendered in English through Google Translate:


Sorry for the rudimentary question, please let me know. I am working with Windows version Evernote free version.
Now, there are several notes that are not necessary for "all notebooks", and I am trying to erase by clicking "erase note" but it will be displayed forever and can not be erased.
If you move the cursor over "Delete Note", it pops up as "This note has already been erased", but in fact it has been in existence for a long time.
It does not change even if you do synchronize.
Since you can not move directly to "Trash", if you move to another file and do "delete" with three buttons there
It will surely be deleted from the newly moved file. However, from the original "all notebooks" it will not be erased, copies will be created automatically.

Now I am using the free version, so I am worried that the capacity will be insufficient. Because it is used for work, all notes are shared with clients. Is it because of that? It is told that it is invisible from the client side. Could you tell me how to delete / delete unnecessary notes that are "shared"? Thank you.


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