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Highlighted text doesn't use System Preferences "Highlight Color"

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I am using Evernote for Mac.  I just upgraded to Evernote 7.5 (457110 App Store) Editor: 53.2.6641 (8d08b35) under MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

When I select text in a note, the selected text color is not using the non-default "Highlight Color" I specified in System Preferences > General > Highlight Color

Prior versions of Evernote did use the non default color from the System Preferences.  This seems to be new (incorrect) behavior.  Did the Evernote team make a simple mistake here, or is this some new intended behavior? I am visually impaired, and the current color Evernote uses to identify selected text is impossible for me to see.  All other apps, including non-Apple apps such as Chrome, Firefox, Quicken, etc. use the color specified in System Preferences.

I don't see any way to control this in Evernote's Preferences.  Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information!


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Thanks for the reply.  I'm sorry if my original post was unclear -- I don't want to highlight text within an Evernote note.  I want to select text within an Evernote note.

I want to use my mouse to select some text within a note, so I can copy-paste it to another note, or another app.

The mac System Preferences > General > Highlight Color allows me to specify what text highlighting color is used as text is selected with a mouse.  This setting is used by Mail, Safari, etc. as I select text within those apps. 

Evernote 7.5 is using a different color to identify selected text vs. prior version. I recall prior versions DID use the color specified by System Preferences

So my questions are:

1) Is the color that Evernote uses to select text configurable? If so, how? I don't see anything under Preferences, but maybe I customed 7.4 and do't remember how...

2) Do others see that the selected text color used in version 7.5 differs from prior versions?  If not, then I must have customized something, or Evernote must have stopped using the System Preferences selection.

3) Have others customized the "Highlight Color" in System Preferences, and had they then seen those changes used when selecting text in prior versions of Evernote?

As I mentioned, I am visually impaired, so this selected text color choice is really important to me.  I'm trying to determine if it is customizable or if the Evernote team inadvertently made some code change...

Thanks again, and sorry if my original post was poorly worded.  Hope this helps!

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50 minutes ago, SanDiegoGary said:

How do I report this bug to Evernote so they can fix it?  I am a Basic (free) user, so I'm not allowed to chat or email support.

To contact support

All accounts       Twitter @evernotehelps     

Paid Accounts   Contact Evernote Support 


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