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(Archived) Right justification after pasting from firefox

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I'm using windows client 542. When I paste a note from firefox 3 beta 4 (haven't tried it with anything else yet) after it says "go to source web page >>> it goes back to left justification, but once I close the note and reopen it (using the pop out editor) I find it has trimmed off any trailing returns I have left in the note and has jumped to right justification.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Both Evernote 2.2 and 3.0 do delete extra trailing empty lines at the end of the note on saving. As the last line ("Go to source") is right-aligned, this means that once you hit Enter after this line, the next block will be right-aligned by default too. To quickly change this to left alignment, hit Ctrl+L.

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I appreciate the keyboard shortcut as a temporary workaround. Are their plans to change this? Currently if I am using Evernote as a tool to copy and paste multiple bits of information I collect from various web pages (I assume this is a key workflow) after pasting my first snippet my next snippet will be misaligned. I can't imagine any users desiring that. The user never requested right alignment in this case, the programmers thought right alignment of the web link looked nice (which I agree with) and based on that the users desired formatting is changed. That feels broken.

Seems like an easy enough problem to solve, but if for some reason time is so tight that you don't want to detect that you could at least give us an option to make the web link use the current user selected justification. Still, if I wanted to really fix the issue I would just look look for the last formatting/justification in the note IGNORING any code entered by EverNote, problem solved. I am a big fan of the line and hyperlink separating my web links as opposed, I just don't like having to continually alter my justification back to left when I want to enter a new snippet.

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Why don't you do each separate clipping as a separate note - it's actually easier than copy/pasting into the same note. Then, when you're done, you can merge selected notes, if you want. To be honest, I very rarely end up merging notes, preferring to keep each clip as a separate note.

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We have no real to-do lists, actually. We have individual to-do checkboxes, which user can combine into lists, if he wants to. This is a more powerful approach.....

I agree you have no real todo lists but I disagree that your approach is more powerful. I'm actually splitting my time between todoist.com and EverNote right now, EverNote is a great place to take notes but on the todo list side it's very weak. Every other todo list app I have used (and there have been a few) has the ability to send reminders. Either pop ups, or even better email and sms messages. It would be an area that makes sense to spend some time on making more powerful, as it really isn't a great workflow to have to have my todo items in one place in order to get reminders, but my supporting documentation in EverNote. I'm trying to find a workaround but right now it's making EverNote be more of an archive or dumping ground for items I don't really care about. If it's important to me there is a good chance I need to follow up on it at a certain date/time.

I'm loving EverNote so far, the few bugs I've run into are expected to me, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it's current todo functionality "powerful".

Haven't tried the merge but I find it far easier to read my collected thoughts on a subject in a single note. The huge note headers don't help things, and I just open the note in full screen view and start reading. Plus, it just feels unnatural to me. If I am in a meeting and taking notes on a pad of paper, I don't turn the page at every two line note I type. I write all of my notes for the hour long meeting on one sheet of paper. I do the same thing with evernote, I open a note up, and paste/type in my various thoughts about that.

To me a note is my various thoughts on a subject, that I can easily move around and re-order as I see fit for best comprehension. Things that I need to see as a whole, where reading just one paragraph might lead me to miss something important. I have many notes, about 100 now so far in my beta testing, but sometimes I need to paste multiple items in a note. It appears to be a use case that was at least partially handled, as it works find when I keep the note window open and keep pasting, but as soon as I close it, then re-open it the behavior (justification in this case) changes. If I can paste two clips in a row into a note and retain the correct justification, but pasting one, closing the window, re-opening it, then pasting again causes different justification I would call that a bug. Since this is beta, I am reporting bugs.

Why do I get the feeling that although this is a beta period half of the bugs we report are called "features". I get that it's not perfect, when someone reports a bug just say "I'll add that to the list", instead of trying to convince us it was intended to work that way. Yeah, you planned on inconsistent behavior. Ok then, nailed it :)

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