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Request: Consistency Across Platforms



Hello, I have a suggestion. Can there be more consistency across platforms?

For instance - in the Windows app, you can Duplicate a note (creates a copy in the current notebook) or Copy a note (creates a copy in another notebook). In the Android app, the Duplicate function creates a copy in another notebook.

Also, in the Windows app you can select Reverse Sort Order. I use dates as titles and prefer to have the most current note on top. The Android app does not have that option so I am always scrolling to the bottom of the list.

There are probably more but I will start with those.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Hi.  Reasonable request,  but I'd prefer that Evernote hunts down its current bugs and terminates with extreme prejudice before looking at harmonising features.  Discrepancies have been mentioned before and I'm sure Evernote has said at some time "we're working towards a common UI" - although there are some interesting problems along the way when what looks good on a 24" screen is an unbelievable mess on a 6" one. 

Don't forget these nice toys all use different Operating Systems too - iOS / Mac / Windows 7,8,10 / Android (with various OEM mods from Sony and Samsung et. al.).  Effects possible in Windows may not be achievable in Android..

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