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Introducing 'Templates' for Evernote

Shane D.

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Hi All,

Many of you have asked for templates and we’re thrilled to announce that they’re here!

In the past, we’ve offered templates in the form of sample notes that you can copy to a notebook, then duplicate to reuse. While this has been a popular workaround for a long time, we feel templates deserve an easier solution and better home in our product.

Now we offer a way to quickly find and apply a template when you create a new note. You can pull from our gallery of 30+ pre-designed templates and save them to your account. In addition, if you subscribe to Plus, Premium, or Business, you can turn any of your existing notes into templates.

Your personal template gallery can be accessed from any new note by clicking the Templates button. From there you can find templates on our website, search your saved templates, edit template names, delete templates from your account, and apply templates to a note.

You can find more information here:

Blog post

How-to Videos

There’s more to come for templates, so stay tuned. As always, please feel free to start a separate discussion for feedback/suggestions, or feel free to reach out to me directly!

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