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How do I take pictures of whiteboards?


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Hello everyone! Can you please tell me how you get Evernote to take pictures of whiteboard? I tried using their new scannable camera at a seminar yesterday but the camera could not/would not focus on the whiteboard. The green crop lines just went crazy all over my screen trying to find something to focus on. Perhaps I was too far away from the whiteboard? It ended up just taking the picture of the whole room and I couldn't find a way to edit it later. In One Note, I can pre-select the 'whiteboard crop' and it does it automatically. Thank you all in advance!

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Likely too far from whiteboard. I've only done a few times while using OneNote, actually I believe Lens which saves to OneNote, but was relatively close in those cases as well.  Regarding the edits I can do a general crop in the iPhone app.  If you tap the photo in EN note, you'll see an 'a' with circle around it. Tap that symbol.  At top there are three ellipses.  Tapping those give you a few editing tools one of which is crop.

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I don’t like recommending out of Evernote but look at “Whitelines” (WL) dig down a bit, you can buy four magnets to mark the edges of the board and get great shots. https://www.officemax.co.nz/Office-Products/Whiteboards- I fact I got good results using WL as my notebook Noticeboards/Whiteboard-Accessories/Whitelines-Whiteboard-Image-Tags-Pack-of-4-2464772

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If you are using the widget of evernote on your mobile, then if you press the scanning icon (up right) then an image icons appears and in that case the evernore takes a picture not a scan. I also take pictures of whiteboards and this is the way that I do it.

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