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Clipped Simplified Articles Not Mobile Friendly

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I've noticed that notes clipped from the Crome web clipper as a "simplified article" look different after the clipper update. I don't love that it adds that divider line after the title, but I can deal. It's certainly readable at this size.


However, when I view the same note in my iOS app, the text is tiny and difficult to read without zooming.


I will often resort to simplifying the formatting on the note on my phone, which is not a great solution because it then strips out the space between paragraphs. 

Is there something that can be done to make the simplified article more readable on mobile? I use it a lot.


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(New to the community, not sure how I should up vote this issue)

yes! This has been a pain in my mobile using experience as well!! The reading experience is so bad on clipped articles that I have set up IFTTT and read on Feedly instead. Could save a great deal of time if EN could resolve this problem.

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If an article is clipped, it will more or less copy the code AND the content into EN. This is as mobile friendly as the website is from which it was copied. Because websites detect which device is calling, they will submit a version that is good for display on the device that will be displaying it. If it is a desktop, the mobile version probably will not be delivered - and can’t be clipped.

There is not much EN can do about this.

If you want to get things independently from the device, get it and convert it into a pdf before sending it into EN.

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I have this same issue and it only appeared with the web clipper that's a standalone app. Previously. clipping into a Simplified Article actually simplified the formatting, thus rendering the text legible on mobile. This is no longer the case and results in what @PinkElephant described above. 

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