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Writing in many colors in Note 8 (android)

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2 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  You're right - there is a work-around:  you could create a template note in Mac or Windows with a background or text color and use that to create a new note.  You could also change this into a general Feature Request for all Evernote products... https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/



I assume he means using different colors of ink in regards to the handwriting feature (since the title mentions the Note 8).

Nevertheless, you are right in that there is no way to do it. The only solution would be to write a note in a third party app (e.g. Samsung notes) and share it with evernote.



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If it is a matter of typed notes rather than handwritten, there is a feature request for this in existence; it may help to go there and click the upward arrow at the top of the page to vote for it. According to an Evernote employee post there, it was already in their backlog in January 2016. Sigh.

If it's a matter of handwriting in color, then that could be a new request to be started in that other forum.

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