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More than 250 Notebooks



I have been repeatedly asking for more than 250 Notebooks!  This seems like such a simple feature to allow users to keep items in order in specific notebooks.  Why won't Evernote update to an unlimited number of notebooks?  I find myself continually compromising how I store my data and it makes me unhappy every time!

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Can't do much about you being unhappy but Evernote's note organization is based more on Tags (limit 100,000)
If it's really important for you, Business accounts have a 10,000 limit for company notebooks

Along with this request is a Notebook hierarchy request, so as to organize the notebooks.
Evernote offers a single level; notebooks can be grouped in Stacks

Put on a happy face ?

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This has been requested before, and your question will probably be folded into one of the existing requests, possibly this one: 

Short form as to the "why" question? One reason: Evernote thinks that tags are a better way to organize your notes (this also pertains to the "no nested notebooks" policy, another popular request). Another is because organizing lots of notebooks in a flat scheme (one level of stacks, with one level of notebooks per stack), doesn't really make for good UI, particularly on mobile devices (e.g.  15 stacks of 15 notebooks each is 225 notebooks). Is it necessary? No. It's their choice.

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