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(Archived) Don't access my "personal information" !!!!!


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I'd like to download your app for Android but as it states in the app market:

This application has access to the following:

! Your personal information

read contact data

I really @#$%^ HATE that sh*t. Why! Change this and give us CHOICE in this matter!


Here's a nice blog post on Android Security

http://techpp.com/2010/07/30/android-ap ... vate-data/

From the above website:

* Your personal information - read contact data

This permission is of high importance. Unless an app explicitly states a specific feature that it would use your contact list for, there isn’t much of a reason to give an application this permission. The one exception to that rule includes typing or note taking applications and/or quick-dial type applications. Those MIGHT require your contact information to help make suggestions to you as you type. Typical application that require this permission include: social networking apps, typing/note taking apps, SMS replacement apps, contact management apps.

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When you install an application, the text in the list of permissions isn't controlled by Evernote. I.e. we didn't write that language, someone at Google did.

Our software may access your contacts if you ask us to email a note. We give an option to choose an address from your contacts so you don't need to memorize all of your friend's email addresses and type them by hand on your phone every time you want to email a note to one of them.

If you don't trust us to have access to your address book, you may want to stick with our mobile web interface, at:


You can also email new notes (including images) into your account via the "incoming email address" on the Settings page of your account on the web.

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