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Why remove the Reminders icon?



Hi, I noticed that the Reminders icon is gone from the note formatting bar on the 7.5 Mac Beta. Is this a bug or are you actually removing it? Those how use Evernote as a task/project management system use lots of Reminders. Please bring it back or let the user choose the items on the bar like we can do on the Tool Bar.

Thanks, Vlad.

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Hi, DTLow, thank you. I noticed that, but that's not my point. I'm trying to make Evernote aware of a frequent need for a specific group of people. A persistent icon is a much quicker way to incude a Reminders to a note. And people that use Evernote as a task management system are constantly adding Reminders to notes.

But if the icon is really gone for good they could at least provide a keyboard shortcut to add Reminders.

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The icon is only displayed if the note has a reminder added.

The new UI implemented in V7.5 is 14621564_ScreenShot2018-09-15at05_42_38.png.f5fd148f280782116a6b67fd733dc6bc.png
. Cleaned up the Note header UI by consolidating actions in the ... menu.
* We’ve cleaned up the More Options menu (“…”) so it’s easier to find the actions you use most.


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