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Camera document scan not working on Samsung Galaxy S8

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For a number of months now, when I try to "scan" a page or business card by taking a photo, only the original photo gets uploaded to the note.  I do not get any options in relation to the photo (just "ok" and "retry"), also the paper edges are not recognised, and I have no cropping options etc.  Somehow I have lost this important functionality.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  How can i resolve it?


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Hi, Pelby, and welcome to the forums. Sorry no one responded earlier--it can be a bit random when people have a chance to look in. (As you know, it's mainly a user-to-user forum.)

When taking a photo, check the icon in the upper right of the screen. If it's a landscape/mountain-type icon, that indicates it's in basic photo-taking mode. If it's a document-type icon, that indicates it's in document mode (where document edges are recognized). Tapping the icon changes from one mode to the other. Each mode offers different options after the pic is taken.

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