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Do Not See the Google Drive Icon to integrate my Goolge Drive files


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Hi Guys,

I do not see the Google Drive Icon on the Evernote web version or Android version in order to be able to integrate my Google drive files. I've authenticated Evernote to access my Drive from the settings. But do not see the Icon. I am using Chrome. I've read on the internet that it's not available for Chrome. Is it still the case or am I overlooking something here?

Right now what I do to quickly access my drive files from Evernote is that I paste the link of the particular file. Is there any other better method or a workaround if Icon cannot be seen?

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Hi.  I'm still having trouble seeing the advantage of the icon.  It does allow users to quickly open their Drive access,  but then so would a desktop shortcut.  When you paste a URL for a Drive document into a note you see a clickable link - with the integration that changes into a slightly different icon... which is simply the link same with a new skin.  I'm not aware of the limitations of the integrated option,  but I find it much easier just to use the file URL.  When I am logged into Drive the URL shows as the featured link.

I use desktop and android and have the Drive link icon,  but I don't think I've used it apart from testing.

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Hmm...in my opinion a drive icon might have looked better than a link. Also, the desktop shortcut is viable when you are using the same PC but not when using different systems especially when you are using someone else's or a company provided system where installation of any kind of shortcuts or softwares are prohibited. You know..

Besides, when I paste a Drive document's URL in a note, it does not show any icon like you mentioned.


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Either way, the site is not functioning per the documentation: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218734618

So, if we are trying to troubleshoot based on the documentation, what result should we be expecting?

I tried in both Safari and Chrome, neither worked as outlined in the document.

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On 10/31/2018 at 7:29 PM, sandielaw said:

Any updates on this? It's really frustrating to have to link google drive files manually. 

Hi.  What device / what OS / - and if you're using the web version,  which version and what browser?  If you're looking to click an icon to open your Google account,  are you logged into Google Drive?

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