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Is there a way to bulk-highlight text in a PDF? I can do it line by line, but this takes forever, even with the "Shift" to highlight a straight line. I'm trying to highlight a whole paragraph, but when in "Annotate Mode" it does not allow you to select a line with your cursor, only annotate with the tools provided. I've searched all over the internet and could not figure this out. It seems that this is not a feature, but please prove me wrong. It's annoying that I have to use a second program to annotate my PDFs then import them into Evernote, as having annotated PDFs with previews is the main reason I went Premium on Evernote. Please Help!

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5 hours ago, adigi157 said:

Why are the editing features on Evernote so basic? 

It's a common complaint; and the belief that the editor is Evernote's core feature.

For my purpose, document filing is Evernote's core feature.  
The editor is the free tool that comes with this service.
I do use the editor for basic notes but I don't expect too much from it.  I rely on external editors for serious work.

Another point is the majority of users are unwilling to fund development on this product; we are the exceptions with our paid accounts.

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