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Tables printing full width instead as in note itself

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Till literaly yesterday, my tables were being printed as you se them in the note.
I would adjust columns size as I see fit and make a table narrow.

As of today, when I print note with the table, table is streched out to the full width of a paper!
On the same note I printed out yesterday, today tables are being printed full paper width regarldes how they are set up in note itself.
I tried making new note new table. Doesnt help.

I attached 2 files. FIrst is table formated in evernote. Second is print preview.

What is going on and how to fix this??


EDIT: I tried copy/pasting note table to Word. It works ok as it should. So formating of is table good. Something is geting messed up in process of print preparation.
Its Windows app (307027)


1. Note.png

2. Printout.png

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Can confirm this in

The relative ratio of the column widths to the table width is respected, however the table expands sideways to fill the page width. Height seems fine.

Also, the "Print Preview" goes straight to a PDF. Is that normal? I have not used Print Preview previously, IIRC.

I have an older version on another machine. Will try it there when I get onto that.

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  • Evernote Staff*

@zolee Thanks for the report. This issue should now be fixed in our 6.16. beta 1 release. You can install it from the post below. Let us know if you still see the issue after updating. Thanks! 


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