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Disable "pinch/expand to zoom"

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Sorry if this has already been posted. 

I'd like to see an option to disable the feature that causes "pinch" and "expand fingers" to zoom in/out of a document, de facto changing the text font size.

I never intend to do this, and it's always super fiddly to get back to the desired zoom level

Thanks for your consideration  

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This has been driving me nuts for years. I really wish there were a way to disable this feature. Or if there is, if someone would let me know. I did just discover that you can press '⌘+0' to quickly get back to default size which is somewhat helpful.

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You are posting in the subforum for the deprecated legacy client. It is end of life, no more changes, no nothing. You can only still use it as it is.

If you meant legacy, that‘s it.

If you meant v10, open a thread in that subforum.

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