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Can you add/send/append a photo to a specific note?

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I'm a new users and can't see how to move a photo from my Android (specifically via Google Photos) to a specific Note. If I select a photo to share on my Android (Pixel 2) it gives me the option to send to Evernote, but then it appears as a new note in Evernote. I want to send the photo to a specific note. Is this possible?

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Thanks for the reply, but not quite the issue I wrote about. I understand how to attach the photo from within a Note, but I'm inquiring about whether it's possible to send a photo directly from the Android photo "gallery" to a specific Evernote Note. When I have the option to share the photo from the Google Photos "gallery" it allows me to share with Evernote, but it creates a new Note and I'd prefer to send it to a particular Note. Now maybe this isn't possible and it requires what you describe - going into my Note and then grabbing the photo.

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