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(Archived) Link Notes together

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I keep struggling with the idea of linking my notes together. I am an ex OneNote user and I have been using EN for awhile now. However I would like to know how I would link one note to another.

An example of what I am trying to accomplish is that I make a daily TODO list and within the TODO list I outline the tasks for the day. Some of these tasks have existing notes that I have already created. I would like to create a hyperlink or shortcut to access these notes without having to browse for them each time I get to that task/item.

Is this something that is possible with EN or does anyone have a work around?

Please let me know as it would definitely help me in my Productivity.


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Not possible at this time. I know that linked notes are a feature that Evernote is looking at for implementation, but they've not announced any firm plans or timetable for implementation. They usually don't anyways, but at least they've stated that it's something they're planning on doing. Do a search for 'note linking' for other threads on the topic.


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