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(Archived) Evernote 3 Beta (suggestions)?

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Hello Evernote!

I had created a post and i lost it... so i am attempting to repost this from memory...

First, I love evernote (2 and 3). I'm getting used to the new evernote 3 look & feel...

A few things I noticed missing or left out from Evernote 3 that is in Evernote 2 and i'm hoping it makes it over there are:

1. the ability to "LOCK" a note so no new edits can be made

2. the icons for the tags

3. the ability to use the templates again- i love the template I have that I use for contact notes


4. the abaility to LOCK the entire notebook since now you can open mutliple notebooks in one evernote (fantastic feature)!

Thanks... if i remember more then I'll post it or if I see anything new...

And thanks for making this such a great product as I rely on this software for my daily and nightly activities.

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