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I am sick of this "seamless experience"



I don't know what is this trend with this "seamless experience" which is to remove all [Ok], [Apply], [Save] buttons.

Let's say I am a very busy consultor. I open Evernote, click on "New note", type in something...

= Then what? Do I close the window? What if my note is not saved and synchronised because I am using 4G on my laptop? How can I be sure? So I must open my phone, load Evernote, click on synchronize then watch if the note is synchronized! Total wasted time: 20 minutes!

= Now, with a simple [Save] button, I click on it and there is a message showing synchronizing! I don't have to close the window and being confused if the software has saved my notes or whatever, I CLICKED on save myself! This stupid "seamless" trend is getting me literally crazy.

= Now, I open the window, modify something, but I am not satisfied. But being in a rush in the train I close the window... The note is saved with wrong data! Very confusing!


Whether you want it or not, Evernote is an app for power users! I don't want to get confused whether my notes are saved or not and let the software decide, I just want to have control and for every action that I do be clear. If I close the window it is to close the window, not to save it in the same time !


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I would try the SYNC button before closing the laptop screen. Once it syncs and there isn't any errors, you should be good to go unless there is an issue with the 4G network. But even in that case, if you generate it in the Windows app, it will stay there and you can sync it when you fire your laptop back up.


Will this not work for you?

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On 9/10/2018 at 1:01 AM, juandante said:

Then what? Do I close the window? What if my note is not saved

For my use, I don't give any thought to the process.  
The note is always saved.  It syncs to the server when the internet is available.

The only time I have to take care is when switching devices, and updating the same note.  
Again this is automatic, and I don't give any thought to the process.

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