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AndroidAuto Integration



Aside from using fewer system resources, (as recent updates seem to have gunked up the keyboard responsiveness and autocorrect), my biggest wish is for Evernote to improve its AndroidAuto integration.

Evernote is about taking notes. I want to take notes on my commute without having to pull over to write. Currently, only one command causes google assistant to create a note. "Ok google: note to self" -I want to be able to update this command to launch evernote via a several verbal cues that match my natural speech. (Saying "note to self" outloud is not one of them.)
Additionally, when working in androidauto, google has an annoying feature which switches the microphone off after 5 seconds of silence. This is far too short for thoughtful note taking, especially while trying to safely divide attention on the road. I need the ability to stop and think without having to create an additional note and scattering my work. This requires me to waste more time later gathering and formatting my previous work. 

Please collaborate with google to create a new, 'keep' listening feature, which only ends the transcription of a note when the user says some variant of "ok google: end of note" or represses the button their steering wheel.

Introduce the ability to add to past notes while driving. "Okay google "edit my last note" starts the cursor at the end of the last opened note and enables the user to pick up where they left off, add a new thought, or effectively rewrite something (requiring them to only go back later and delete whatever they are replacing.) This should extend indefinitely to "Ok google, edit my third last note"
Introduce the ability to label titles and move notes into folders via android auto. I don't want to have to go back afterwards to reorganize my work. I know how I want to label and place things, please empower users to do so in the moment. This includes both offering the title in the begging, (perhaps with the five second silence in tact), and introducing flexible after the fact capability. "Ok google, move my last note into personal"
Finally: make sure that evernote notes are actually written, even provide a warning if they are not recorded. 80% of the time when I launch a note to self via androidauto, the note is not recorded, but I am given no feedback to be aware of this. This is very frustrating. 
I perceive evernote as primarily a very focused note taking app. The lack of capability with android auto is a glaring hole I have been irked by for two years. I I want this to become a priority.  
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This would require Google to create/open an AssistantNotes API that for third parties to plug into. While I hope this is something on their road-map, 

If you first say Ok Google, take a note in Evernote...." It will save it as your default note app. After that you can say Ok Google, take a note" or Ok Google, note to self" and it will save in Evernote. It will only save the dictation of the note, it will not save the audio recording (Google Keep saves both dictation and audio).

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