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Add note stack to query


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Sorry if this is answered somewhere, but I did look.

What is the correct search criteria to include a note stack in a query, e.g.
stack: Food includes notebook:Food & notebook:Food.Shared

This doesn't work:
-notebook:Food.* -tag:Drupal.* tag:Tips

Edited to add more things I've learned:

This is legal:
stack:Food tag:tips

But now I want to select everything else, but this doesn't seem to be legal:
-stack:Food -tag:Drupal.* tag:Tips



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4 minutes ago, TdeV said:

Yes, @DTLow, I'm wanting to exclude any note in the stack:Food, but I want all other notes.

Negation doesn't work with stacks or notebooks; I don't know why they are specifically excluded

You could search for stack:Food
Then add tag:temp to the notes
Then add -tag:temp to your search

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3 hours ago, TdeV said:

Sorry @DTLow for editing my query.

Now I want to select everything BUT stack:Food

Can't do this easily with current search capabilities.  Two impractical solutions ?:

  1. If you had two stacks then you could just search the other stack (I have synced and local stacks so would work for me)
  2. Add a tag to all notes in the Food stack and minus out that tag

In the meantime, sometimes with text, often with tags, the actual search in play will eliminate the extraneous notes.  Whenever it doesn't I add more text or tags to the search.  FWIW.

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