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How to clean up formatting

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I often paste things from other documents or from websites. Often the formatting changes when it lands in Evernote. I get that. But I don't seem to be able to clean it up.

For example, I used web clipper to copy a recipe as a simplified article. When I open it in Evernote, the leading above the first line of text (below the title) is equivalent to about five line returns. A smaller gap appears later. In the first case, I can find no way to eliminate this gap. Neither typing delete (forward or backward), Simplify Formatting nor Make Plain Text resolve the issue. In the latter case, I can hit delete, which brings the text up to the next line and then hit return and the space jumps down one row, but does not disappear.

I think what I would like is something more complete than Simplify Formatting. I'd hate to lose line returns, but something that deletes all other formatting would be great.

Am I missing something?


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Try in web clipper switching the type to simple article. If your having issues still simplifying formatting And doing some cleaning up will do the job. Most note taking apps don’t do a good job of clipping. Evernote from my experience is the best but nothing is perfect either 

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I'm sorry, I wrote 'simplified article' when I should have written 'simple article.' I've done that and attempted to clean up, but still there are some formatting elements that often simply won't go away.

I understand no application is perfect; I'm simply trying to find a way to clean up.


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