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Notes created on iOS don't save

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I just had this problem. When I read your post, what got my attention was that you said you hit "Done". Where did you do that? I don't see anything on the screen when I have a note open in my iOS app that's even remotely related to Done, Save, Sync, Enter, etc. And each time I leave a note, nothing I changed has been saved. It does work the other way around -- changes I make on my laptop sync and save properly, and there's also the sync button on the laptop app if I want to be very sure. But it's incredibly frustrating to see no option for this on my phone. I thought maybe I needed an update, but I checked and I've got the most up-to-date version, so it's possible I'm just not looking in the right place, or misinterpreting an icon. Where is this "Done" of which you speak?

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I'd also recommend contact support for this. 
It's too serious to be left unresolved.

You might find troubleshooting information in the Activity Log.

Access User > Support to submit a ticket or look at the log


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cameronreilly — thanks for the screenshot! I don’t seem to have that button, or it’s covered up by the bar with the < in it, as you can see in my screenshot. 

3CFD23C3-DE19-49E2-8DBA-BDD04FE65138.thumb.png.0802c6cd6d87733917bb0d4b9352fea2.pngThere’s probably a simple adjustment, but I don’t know what it is. I’ll try all the usual stuff again — reboot phone, sign in/out, delete & re-dl the app... But, DTLow, I agree. If those don’t work, support is next. Thanks for the reply! 

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