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...and has been for ages.

Increasingly frustrated with the most basic editing functions not working as expected even in a brand new "plain note".

As a general rule, I'd expect that cutting something and the pasting, without moving the cursor, would get you back to where you are but when working with bullets that's not the case.  All I'm doing is using down/up arrow and shift to select a bullet, cmd-x to cut, cmd-v to paste it back and it's now corrupted with a vertical line space after the bullet that won't go away.   Same if try and move anything around in a bulleted list.   

Attached is a quick video demonstrating this.   Love you guys and I know it's not, you know, up there with the colour of the elephant in terms of priority, but would be great if one day working with bullets in Evernote wasn't so painful.

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I know exactly what you're talking about. Basic bulleting in the editor has been broken for years. It is infuriating.

Out of spite, I've tested bullet editing in other tools (e.g., DEVONThink, Bear, Notion) and, to their credit, they almost always work as expected.      

I've been an Evernote customer for years and I'm not sure how much longer I can hang on. All the 'death spiral' chatter hasn't helped matters to say the least.

Anyway, I hope they focus more on improving the core experience of the app/service.  

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A clever idea to record this - maybe it will help get across to Evernote the kind of things users see almost every day. The most striking thing you notice when you use some of Evernote's competitors - in my experience, Bear - is how bug free basic text editing is. If the Evernote editor was as seamless as Bear's, I think many of the complaints on this forum about pricing or rebranding would go away. Expending energy on re-branding or raising prices when the basics work great is fine; doing it when there are still basic, obvious problems with core functionality isn't.

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