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Feature Request: Add annotations to Screenshots immediately after they are taken



This functionality is in Skitch for MacOS already (I don't know about PC version). You take a screenshot and right after that you can annotate it and get a shareable link.

As you can make a note from a screenshot and have an opportunity to annotate it afterwards, using Skitch as an addition now is obsolete I think.  When using pure Evernote functionality now, you have to make a screenshot note, then you have to open the Evernote, then right click on an image & choose annotate. Too many actions. And also, as I see, Skitch is no longer supported or updated for MacOS. And you cannot edit annotation inside Evernote, only from Skitch, not useful.

So the best possible option would be: 

- Press the hotkey and choose the region on screen

- the screenshot opens with the possibility to annotate

- you can press the hotkey in the annotation interface to get the shareable link

- the screenshot is saved to chosen notebook (it would be better to choose a separate notebook for screenshots)

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Same process in Windows - screenshot,  image pops up in Skitch for annotation etc.  I moved this to a voting thread to see what support the idea generates...  I'll move it back if that's not preferred.

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