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Mohammed Omer

Evernote is no longer avaible for my device? (KitKat 4.2.2)

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so i've been using Evernote for like a year or 2 now

had almost no problem with it

til some time ago a noticed the API for signing in via google account is gone..along with re-login request ... dealt with those and moved along 


yesterday i had to reset my tablet ..

so after resetting .. the first thing i do always i update my Googe play store , since the stoke version shows me most applicarions are not compatible.. so while it updates i queue up sevral apps so it starts after all done.. Evernote was queued seccessfully ...

after update done..i noticed no app was queued.. so while i was queuing apps .. i found Evernote install button not there..i open the app page ..i listed as incompatible with my device and wont allow me to install it

how was compatible a moment ago (if we ignored the 2 years im using it)

and after updating the store is grayed out???


my tablet is running kitkat 4.2.2

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