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Be able to put notebook stacks in notebook stacks



I am a college student, but without this feature, note organization is very limited. I would like to be able to have a notebook stack for school; inside that stack are stacks for each semester; inside the stack for a given semester, notebooks for each class, and notes for each of those notebooks. Being able to stack this way would provide much more depth to note organization and would be extremely helpful!

Thank you for reading!

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Hi.  This sort of thing has been requested before over the last several years,  but Evernote has not yet (AFAWK) decided to implement anything similar.  Your request though seems easily handled with Tags,  which are infinitely nestable (within reason...).

You could create a tag for the school,  for semesters,  and for classes:  then just tag each note with one each of those tags and you can search for "tag:sem1 tag:biology" for all of those class notes.  Add other tags to taste...

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2 hours ago, ninjashark said:

note organization is very limited

As @gazumped mentioned, Tags would be the solution for your organization
Tags support an unlimited hierarchy so you can structure
I prefer no structure, just separate tags, as per @gazumped
's example tag:2018 tag:biology
In the shortcuts section, you can have a saved search to the current year classes

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