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How to mark on photos and save them on evernote

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Dear Support Team
I am writing due to the changes that have been done these last few weeks
I am a black smith/ metal fabricator and I was very proud to use Skitch and evernote together and I was very satisfied with these products working synchronized together 

How I used these

I used to take photo of the place where I was going to take measurements for work to be done and I used the Skitch app to write directly to the place on photo where I need to mark with lines and all measurements I need to have and then save it to evernote where I have all notes stored and to work with and it was FANTASTIC to me how these works

the problem

BUT now I cannot do it any more , I can have the note on skitch save it to gallery and then I have to have a screen shot from photo with all the writings that I do, thanks to skitch app, and then save it on evernote


is it possible to integrate a system as Skitch so I can write on a photo and save it on evrenote as I used to do before because it is very important to me to use this system as I have found it very useful and with these apps I have eliminated all the paper work to have all my projects measurements  

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